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Best Places To Have Sex At Work

Posted Monday, February 14th, 2011
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Having sex at work is a fantasy for many people. It can also lead to big trouble, anything from getting fired to being sued. If you must have sex at work, here are some basic precautions and the best places to try it.

Security Cameras

Many offices now employ security cameras to keep employees and sensitive information safe. Before you decide to get frisky at work you need to know where these cameras are. Spend some time doing research so you can pinpoint the locations. Safe places with no cameras are usually toilets and executive offices.

Check The Parking Lot

If everyone at the office leaves at the same time, you will need to leave and come back as to not arouse suspicion. If the parking lot employs a security patrol or has cameras, this may not work. You may be able to sneak around patrol by parking nearby and sneaking back in with a key later.

Why You Should Rethink This

Everyday the news has stories about people getting caught having sex in the office and being sued for harassment or inappropriate behavior. Even if you both consent, if someone were to walk in and find you they could consider it offensive and you could end up being arrested. Many companies now use cameras for security that aren’t easily seen. You may think you’re in a safe place, but end up being caught on camera anyhow. Unless you are independently wealthy, you probably need your job. Being fired for having sex is embarrassing, and you won’t want that on your resume. It’s really not a good idea, so you probably shouldn’t do this.