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Dating Terminology Explained – Deciphering Personal Ads

Posted Thursday, May 19th, 2011
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As technology advances, many more options open up for the dating world. Many people will try to pack as much information in to their profile as possible. If you don’t understand the terminology, you may be setting yourself up for an experience you’d rather not have. Here are a few of the more common terms, and what they mean.

Abundant Love – This is another way of saying they don’t want to be exclusive. A profile that uses this term is likely to be a swinger, or someone just interested in sex.

Casual Dating – The person who uses this term in their profile is likely looking for a few people to go out with on occasion. This can lead to something more serious later, but they aren’t looking for serious right now.

Friends with Benefits – This is a way of saying they want someone to hang out with, and have sex with, with no commitment or relationship.

May December Relationship – This refers to a couple with a large difference between their ages. Other terms have taken the place of this, but you may still run in to people who use this.

Cougar – An older woman looking for a younger man.

No Strings Attached – This is the same thing as friends with benefits.

Open Relationship - A relationship in which both people are able to have sex with others. This is common for profiles of swingers, or those who don’t want to get tied down with a single person.

Pansexual – This term is used to describe people who see beyond gender. Unlike bisexuals, they are attracted to men and women, as well as open to the possibility of transgendered people.