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How Much Should I Drink On My Date

Posted Monday, January 24th, 2011
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Having a few drinks on a date can help ease tensions and allow you to open up. It’s common for people to order a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine during a dinner. There is a line though, and crossing this can result in dating disaster. Here’s what you should know.

Understand Your Tolerance

If you don’t drink often, a single glass of wine or one cocktail may put you over the edge. On the other hand, heavy drinkers may be able to knock back an entire bottle of wine and still feel in control. Before you go out take a minute to think about this.

Know What To Order

Getting drunk is never a good idea on a date. You need to stay on your toes and be able to have a decent conversation. Everyone is different when they’ve had too much to drink, and it’s usually never a good situation.

If you are a lightweight and know it, stick to a single glass of wine at dinner. Order a glass of ice water along with it. This way you can slowly sip on the glass of wine throughout the meal without putting yourself over the edge. Turn down the second glass, even if your date insists.

If you drink more often and can handle a large amount of alcohol, understand what your date may think of you if you down an entire bottle or 6 cocktails. Try to stick to no more than one drink per hour on your date. This should be the general rule for the first several dates. Going more than this can make you look like an alcoholic, and may be a turn off.