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The Risks Of Dating With People I Work With

Posted Monday, October 18th, 2010
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Dating or sleeping with people you work with can be a bad idea. Even if the temptation is strong, there are several things you should think about before you do this.

Company Policy

Many companies have policies that prohibit coworkers from fraternizing. These kinds of policies can be found in the smallest family run businesses to large corporations. There is always a good reason for this. If one person ends up getting promoted, it can lead to sticky situations. Many companies will let employees go if they find out. Check your company policy to see what rules are in place before you even consider dating a co-worker.

Personality Differences

Many of us are great at putting on one mask for work, and another for home. The most professional person at work can be a complete slacker and slob at home. The quiet one can be a huge gossip. When you meet people at work and only see them at work, you are only seeing one side of them, and it’s typically not the side that matters. This can lead to nasty break ups later, making office politics difficult.


Speaking of office politics, this is another reason it’s not a good idea to date someone you work with. If it doesn’t go well, you run the risk of becoming the topic of water cooler discussions. If you don’t want everyone in the office to know all of your business, then  you should keep work and social activities separate. It’s also going to be hard to be taken seriously if the rumor mill gets started.